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How we do it

Our mission is achieved thanks to the motivation and commitment of our team of professionals.

The SundP-Team, professionals who are passionate about working with individuals and their personal development, provide the highest level of dedication, solutions and results while creating an enjoyable and challenging setting.

The General Management, Ms. Helena Schmidhauser, places enormous importance on the personality of every individual.

She encourages professional and personal development through intensive on-the-job training, internal and external training programs. Courses and team members are supported through co-teaching, intravision, team meetings and quality auditing.

The team's broad and varied background, drawn from local and international management and specialist experience within the private and non-profit sector, facilitates our work.

As of October 2005, two-thirds of our team members have completed or are currently enrolled in external further education programs in the areas of Coaching, Adult Education, and Mediation.