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Schmidhauser & Partner AG
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Mission Statement

Our organisation lives for people, the people who live for their organisation

Our products are conceptualized for persons in the process of change and development:

Workshops, Seminars, Coaching, Assessments, Outplacement, Mediation, Consulting and Communication.

Our products are not tangible; they are built from ideas, methodologies, thought-processes and values like those of respect and empathy towards other human beings.

We strive to accompany you, the client, as an active participant, in every step of the way, in your development; to push you forward, to find new paths, to fulfil your goals and to give you courage to go farther on your own. We want to challenge and provoke you to consider the yet unknown possibilities and to try new things, to put your ideas into action through your own initiative and responsibility, and to take charge of your own future.

The basis of our work is comprised of carefully selected tools, solutions that are targeted to the individuals and groups, direct and open communication, effective performance through transparency and practical application, and faire conditions for all concerned.